Planning, Inspection and Management Consultants

Tree Inspection & Management

From tree conservation areas to national parks, we can help assessing tree health and conservation

From visual tree inspections (VTA) to aerial(climbing) inspections we hazard and risk assess to provide you with a management plan report.

Planning & Development

Parks, estates, shopping complexes – we can help you incorporate trees into your scheme

Curley Consultants offer expert tree surveys for planning applications in order to protect trees during the construction of a development.

Mortgage, Homebuyer & Insurance

Buying or selling a home with problem trees? Get our expert opinion to ensure

If you are buying a property with trees growing on the land, or nearby, your insurance company or mortgage lender may ask you to obtain a mortgage tree report.

Trees & Legal Matters

Trees on boundaries, tall hedges and other issues where an expert legal

With over 20 years of local authority experience administering tree related legislation and advising on its implications. Providing expert advice to tree owners and professionals alike.

We offer impartial advice at all times. Call us now to arrange a consultation